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Codebreaker Codes
Written by Vax-san   
Monday, 23 June 2014 20:05

MH2 - Codebreaker Codes Guide

All codes explanations, except for Guild Registry Code, based on viciousShadow's guide.



Needed for activating any code.

Use only one of the following options:

Option 1: F0100208 0000000E

Option 2: F0126A80 00126A83

Option 3: 90126A80 0C041F44


Guild Register Code

Allows creation and improvement of High Rank blademaster weapons.

Note: Your character will be HR1 with 0 HRP.

005D7186 00000001


All movies in the gallery

D03BDA08 0000102B

203BDA08 24020001

Note: This code is needed to unlock White Fatalis. In order to unlock this monster, watch its video in the gallery, leave the gallery with saving, and initiate any quest using C99F quest digits (through Simple Quest Modifier or Advanced Quest Modifier).


Simple Quest Modifier

Unlocks the quest of choice. Any quest you pick will be transformed into the code's quest.

2018DED4 2404XXXX

2018DEDC 03E00008

Replace XXXX by the desired quest digits.

Online quests digits can be found here.


Advanced Quest Modifier

Organize equipments pieces in the 3rd page of equipments chest in you house to form the digits of the desired quest.

Any quest you pick will be transformed into the quest of the digits formed.

Online quests digits can be found here.

200FA400 3C06005D

200FA404 24C6547C

200FA408 0000382D

200FA40C 0000282D

200FA410 0000202D

200FA414 000410C0

200FA418 00041880

200FA41C 0043102D

200FA420 0045102D

200FA424 0046102D

200FA428 94420000

200FA42C 14400007

200FA434 24840001

200FA438 2C810010

200FA43C 1420FFF5

200FA444 03E00008

200FA44C 00073900

200FA450 00E43825

200FA454 24A500F0

200FA458 2CA103C0

200FA45C 1420FFEC

200FA464 3C01006B

200FA468 03E00008

200FA46C A427DB48

2018DED4 0803E900


Advanced Quest Modifier Explanation

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